Filthy Operation

Shot at the El Portal theater in North Hollywood, Filthy Operation highlights Davidoff’s urban flavor and straight-up attitude. In this no holds bar, jam packed hour special, Dov brings out the funny in such issues as prejudice in politics and school lunches, gay rights, the relationship between trannies and transformers, and why men don’t stop for directions. It’s his ability to dissect the irony and problems of the world in a way that makes funny what otherwise isn’t. In Davidoff’s first hour special, we see how he reaches crowds in a way that not only makes people think and look at themselves, but laugh hysterically while doing so. Complete with bonus material that takes you into the hysterical mind of Dov, Filthy Operation makes for a “falling off your seat and rolling on the floor stand-up experience.” – Comedy Central.


The Point Is…

“The Point Is…” captures this kinetic master at his best as he combines hyper ADD and audience connection to deliver one of the most high intensity shows in standup. Recorded live at the Comedy Works in Denver, CO, Dov gives a special thanks in his CD to “this fucked up planet for giving us much to laugh at in the same way a stripper thanks the father she never really had after a good day at work.” So the point is… Dov’s first album shows his impeccable ability to find common ground with everyone which is what makes him a truly great comedian. And it’s this ability that has also earned his CD a spot as one of the top 10 Comedy Albums of 2008 by iTunes and Punchline Magazine.

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